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Quality & Care

Achieving the desired quality involves an unwavering commitment to process and materials. Our philosophy of total involvement in all elements of design and production makes it a true labor of love.

We stand for craftsmanship, uncompromising attention to detail, and exceptional materials. And our 100% wood policy on all masterpieces produced ensures that you are getting the finest pieces of furniture both inside and out.

The loyalty and trust of our discerning clients as well as ISO 9001-2008 certification is a testament to our uncompromising standards and unfaltering aftercare that guarantees our products last for generations.


Quality is the cornerstone of every aspect of our process. Be it the finest timber available in the country, to the most skilled artisans who have honed their skills with us over decades and our commitment to quality doesn’t end there. We use the best international brands of finishing materials which leaves your furniture virtually stain-resistant and a wide array of fabrics from liquid-repellent to fire retardant in over 10,000 designs and textures.


Like every luxury item, finely crafted furniture needs to be treated and cared for in order to be enjoyed for many years if not generations. We boast of being the pioneers in the furniture aftercare industry with our sister company Furniture Spa Pvt Ltd © offering a wide range of services from shampoo cleaning, re-upholstery, and re-polishing to name a few. Click for more info

Art of the Craft

From meticulous timber selection and seasoning procesess to our unique 12 step finishing technique, and the unmatched skill of our carpentry and joinery, we have honed the art of our craft for half a century resulting in what is undoubtedly Sri Lanka’s finest handcrafted furniture masterpieces made with passion to be cherished and admired for generations.

Taking care of your furniture

  • Ensure all furniture masterpieces are placed and installed by qualified professionals,
  • When placing furniture avoid areas that are subjected to direct sunlight, extreme heat, or colds such as heaters and air conditioners. Your furniture is made of porous timbers such as mahogany and continues to ‘breath’ there for extreme changes in temperature and humidity can cause your furniture to warp or crack,
  • Avoid rocking on dining chairs, feature chairs, and lounge chairs, unless they have been manufactured for this purpose. We use dainty designs and slender components to bring out the gracefulness of our furniture and improper use can cause severe damage to these products,
  • Avoid dragging furniture. Furniture items should be carried and placed in their desired locations to avoid structural damage to the furniture items as well as damage to the flooring,
  • If your furniture gets scratched, damaged, or stained, please see that it is attended to immediately by qualified experts. Improper rectification attempts can permanently damage furniture,
  • Please check with us before using any chemicals to clean and maintain your furniture. We use specialist stain-resistant chemicals that are easy to maintain by wiping with a warm and damp cloth,
  • Use protective pads on the base of all items being placed on top of your furniture,
  • Maintain the quality, appearance, and hygiene of your upholstered furniture by regularly having them cleaned by qualified experts.

Please feel free to email us to request a full list of care tips for your furniture.

Furniture Spa
Aftercare Services

Our after-care services are all that is needed to uphold the quality and appearance of any product.

We offer an extensive range of after care services and welcome your cherished furniture pieces from any manufacturer.

Aftercare Services
We repolish furniture items to restore their luster and protect it from everyday thrills and spills.
Aftercare Services
Give your upholstered furniture a whole new life with our expert re-upholstery services and extensive selection of specialist fabrics.
Aftercare Services
Shampoo Cleaning
Upholstered furniture gathers dust, dirt, bacteria, and funguses from daily use, protects your loved ones and restores the hygiene and appearance of your sofas and chairs with our expert deep cleaning services.
Aftercare Services
Stain Removal
Don't let stains and blemishes ruin the appearance of your valuable furniture. Our renowned range of stain removal chemicals and techniques can assist you in bringing your upholstered furniture back to its original condition.
Aftercare Services
We use natural cane and age_old techniques to hand weave new life into your broken or sagging rattan furniture.
Aftercare Services
Total Furniture Aftercare
As pioneers in the furniture aftercare business, our forte is to bring you the highest quality of products and service in order to protect your beloved furniture for years to come.

Warranty Details

With almost 50 years’ experience in the manufacturing of finely crafted furniture of the highest quality, we have built a reputation as not only the best furniture manufacturer in the country but also for offering the best aftercare services and warranties.

Our unmatched 10 year warranty covers your furniture from defects due to the quality of the timber to the craftsmanship used to manufacture our masterpieces. We also offer extended warranties on our accessories that are sourced from the most reputed companies in Sri Lanka as well as overseas.

All our products come with a warranty card and is delivered and installed by our expert logistics team. Furthermore, all accessories and fittings are covered by warranties issued by our carefully selected suppliers. Please contact us for further warranty details, terms and conditions.
Warranty Services