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Sri Lanka has inherited style that is steeped in rich history and has always had the privilege of great artistry. Established in 1974, Craft Supplies and its luxury interiors brand Mahogany Masterpieces understands and embraces this unique styling and the nature of materials and nearly half a century later has firmly established its footing as the premier manufacturer of handcrafted luxury furniture in Sri Lanka.

We pride ourselves on representing authentic Sri Lankan products that are made to the highest of international standards from quality, durable materials and we are fast building our reputation as the preferred choice for design solutions in discerning residential homes. We allow our clients to truly ‘feel’ the design they love and yearn for which is an extension of themselves and their lifestyle, which ultimately helps them truly enjoy being home.

Our Brands

Since 1974, we have built our reputation on the skill of our craftsmanship and the quality of the raw materials we use, making Mahogany Masterpieces the sought-after luxury brand, to be owned with prestige and pride amongst a discerning local and international clientele.

It is essential that professional experts care for the valuable investment you have made in your home. This is where experts at The Furniture Spa come in. Being the pioneering aftercare company in the industry, we undertake a wide array of services ranging from Re-Polishing, Re-Upholstery, Shampoo cleaning and Stain Removal to name a few.

Since 2016, our Plant a Plant initiative has strived to contribute towards the sustainability of our environment and industry by giving away free mahogany and teak plants through our retail outlets as well as supporting reforestation programs within the country.


At the root of our success and sustainability is an invaluable natural resource. We have the deepest respect for the dense forest reserves we have inherited from the earth. We firmly believe in making up for all the timber we use and are wholly committed to ensuring the successful restoration of trees to create ecologically sustainable resource use. Our ‘Plant a Plant’ initiative is dedicated to this cause and was started on World Environment Day 2016.

We realize that it is our collective responsibility to plant roots for tomorrow. Furthermore, it safeguards the sustainability of the furniture industry by renewing resources that harvest raw materials in addition to restoring forests. The goal of our “Plant a Plant’ initiative is to plant 10,000 trees each year by giving away FREE plants to all those who want to join hands with us and we estimate our annual Plant a Plant giveaway to be worth over RS.1 Billion a year at maturity! Every plant brings us closer to protecting and conserving forests as well as our industry for future generations. We aim to be a catalyst in bringing together people and resources to effect change.


The mission of our Corporate Social Responsibility framework encompasses empowering our employees and communities to contribute to the betterment of our nation.