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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in Mahogany which is a world renowned luxury class timber. We also use different luxury timbers such as teak and nadum depending on availability and design. We use treated hardwoods for our sofa carcasses which are renowned for their strength and durability. We DO NOT use any particle boards such as MDF, Plywood or any veneers on our products unless specifically requested to do so by the customer.

We have 4 standard colours which we use on our products:

Colour A: Natural mahogany colour,

Colour B: A rich walnut and mahogany colour

Colour K: A dark stain close to a rich Kumbuk colour

Colour T: This is the closest teak colour we are able to achieve with mahogany

High gloss finishes*: We are able to customize the gloss level depending on your requirement. We are also specialists in high gloss ‘piano’ finishes.

Specific solid colours*: We are able to stain products to specific solid colours depending on your requirement.

We ensure that the grain is clearly visible with all our stains so that you can enjoy the beauty of natural luxury class timbers. Each colour may vary slightly from batch to batch depending on the natural colour of the timber used. No two batches are identical. *Some finishes may incur an additional cost.

We offer a 5 year written warranty on all our products against any defects with the timber or workmanship. Please see our warranty terms and conditions for more details.

With the use of natural raw materials it is impossible to always ensure that there will never be any problems with furniture. In the unlikely event that you do encounter a problem or defect you simply have to call our customers services department who will schedule a convenient time to inspect the product and do the needful. Please refer our ‘Warranty and Care’ section for more details.

Due to the special lacquers we use, simply wiping down your products with a damp cloth is sufficient for daily maintenance of your products. We do not recommend most furniture polishes as they may cause adverse chemical reactions in the event you want us to re-polish your products at a later stage. Please refer to the furniture care guidelines for detailed information.

We use treated hardwood for the carcasses of our sofas and chairs whilst all visible components are manufactured out of solid Mahogany. The hardwood we use is usually more suitable for sofa structures as they are sturdier and last longer.

In our quest to manufacture the best quality furniture in Sri Lanka we spend a lot on the quality of raw materials we purchase be it timber, lacquers or fittings. All our products are 100% solid wood and we do not use particle boards such as plywood or MDF on any of our current range of products including the shelves, rear panels, drawer bases or chair seat bases of furniture. Our lacquers have stain resistant properties which protect the timber from spills ranging from boiling hot to ice cold water, alcohol or even nail varnish remover! Our master craftsmen are some of the most skilled in the country. Our average carpenter has over 10 years experience in skilled carpentry techniques and our sprayers have been trained to international standards. With approximately 40 years in the business we have built a reputation for the levels of after sales services offered by us. Be it the professional delivery and installation of your furniture to a dedicated team of customer care experts who will attend to complaint or request you may have. Our designs are unique and our levels of quality have not been matched by any local manufacturer. Although many attempts are made to copy our designs there is always a significant difference in proportions, elegance, quality and finish when the copied product is compared to ours. Considering all the factors that go in to manufacturing our masterpieces, comparing like for like, our products work out very reasonable in price.

This depends on how busy we are with orders. We have a limited capacity at our factory and quality is our main priority. We do not compromise on quality to ensure a product is manufactured faster and the process starts with the seasoning of the timber in our own kilns which can take up to two weeks depending on the climatic conditions. Usually a design from our range of products can take between one to four weeks to complete unless it is already available ex-stock. In the event of a customized order this can typically take between four and twelve weeks.

If you would like us to manufacture furniture to your specifications and design, our team of designers will work with you to create a visual which suits your tastes and requirements as well as our manufacturing process. Once you approve the design we will work out the cost and inform you so that you can proceed with placing the order with us. The designing process incurs a nominal fee which is set off against your order once it is placed with us.

Our products are all fixed in price which is displayed on the products at our showrooms. We may make exceptions and offer a discount depending on the value of the order or if we are running a promotion on a certain range of products. We try to offer the best value for money with our products and price them accordingly. Therefore discounting in not a common practice with us.

We have been privileged with customers in over 16 countries around the world ranging from Australia to America and many countries in between. We undertake to professionally pack and ship your products to any destination. Please see our export guidelines for more information.