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Thank you for your interest in exporting our products overseas. We have been manufacturing furniture in Mahogany for approximately 40 years and have exported to businesses and individuals in over 16 countries around the world making Mahogany Masterpieces a truly international brand.

We would like to inform you of a few things you should consider when selecting furniture for export from Sri Lanka. We season the planks used in production through a kiln drying process that brings the moisture content below 15% which is the internationally accepted standard. On average the moisture content in the timber we use after seasoning is approximately 12%

Mahogany is a tropical timber which is porous in nature. This means that the timber continues to ‘breath’ even after the seasoning and manufacturing process. During very dry periods, moisture is expelled from the timber making the planks shrink and vice versa. We use carpentry methods which allows for this slight movement of timber planks wherever possible. However the extent of this movement is largely dependent on the environment the furniture is finally placed in.

In countries with huge variations in climatic conditions may result in movement of the timber that may cause the planks to crack or warp. Unfortunately no manufacturer can guarantee against this when using timber like Mahogany and although we carry a 10 years warranty on all mahogany products manufactured by us, this is a return to manufacturer warranty which means the product needs to be returned to us to undertake the necessary repairs. This is not always practical with exported products as the cost of shipping, duty and re-exporting often exceeds the value of the product. Therefore all products exported are at the customer’s risk. As we have mentioned before, we have exported to many countries around the world with a product defect rate of approximately 1% which is very low due to the high standards we follow during manufacturing. However we feel it is important to inform our customers of this prior to undertaking any orders.

exporting furniture manufactured with tropical timber:

  1. We use special ‘barrier’ coatings and oils on products being exported to further protect the timber from warping. Whilst this still does not guarantee against warping or cracking it does reduce the risk. There is an additional cost of approximately 10% for this process which is highly recommended by us

  2. Try to avoid large plank items. Large plank items such as wooden dining table tops, wardrobes, beds with large headboards etc are more susceptible to warping and cracking whilst couches, dining chairs etc have a very low risk of warping,

  3. Avoid placing the furniture near heat or cold sources such as direct sunlight, radiators, heaters, fire places, air conditioning units etc as these dry out the timber,

  4. Use a humidifier in the rooms where the furniture is to be placed. Humidifier units are relatively low in cost and helps safeguard your furniture during dry seasons and is good for your skin as well,

  5. Fumigate products prior to shipping. Some countries such as Australia require that all timber products shipped are fumigated whilst this is not mandatory for most other countries. However the shipping agents will undertake to fumigate products at an additional cost if so requested by the customer.

  6. Use reputed shipping and haulage agents. The shipping of furniture to the required port and the transportation from port to door has to be handled carefully by professionals so as to avoid damages in transit. We work with reputed shipping agents who have been providing services to us for many years and we are able to handle all packing, shipping, documentation and transportation requirements on your behalf.

The masterpieces manufactured by us are sought after globally due to the quality of the craftsmanship, design and the luxury timbers used. Also similar products in most other countries cost over 400% more than the prices offered by us. It is our wish for you to enjoy the furniture purchased from us for many years if not generations and customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority. We hope the above guidelines will assist you with your decision. Please feel free to contact our customer care team or refer the care instructions on our website if you need any further information or guidance.

Assuring you of our best services always and looking forward to receiving your valued order,